~beauty junkie, knowlegde junkie...research/academia is my calling, beauty is my obsession~

my name is jasmine, but please call me paradox (my sisters do!)
i am up in the northwest right now with my hubby (army) and will be going back to school in the fall (thank you jesus).

anywho, my beauty obssesion started with my job at a very popular BSS store back home in new york city (hint...add a r to ickys)

after a year and a half, i left to be with my hubby (yay!). my free time is spent on my beauty obsession (hair care,makeup,etc)

i am a little bit of an product junkie, but i try not to follow trends (too much money)

anywho, please anyone reading this...feel free to message me, be my friend and help me with this confusing world of beauty.

fav makeup brands-
MAC (obivoiusly)
somewhere in washington state
student and general working slave (i know, it sucks)
Favorite Cosmetic Line
General Beauty Junkie...anything to keep me cute!
twitter is for really bored people...oh wait....forget it


MAC-studio fix powder in NC 50
MUFE- mat velvet + in 70
Laura Mercier- tinted moisturizer in tan/walnut