Oogie Boogie is a villainous character from the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas." If you're looking for a costume that goes well with Oogie Boogie, you could consider dressing up as one of the other characters from the movie, such as:

Jack Skellington: The main character of the movie, Jack Skellington, wears a black and white pinstripe suit and has a distinctive skeletal face.

Sally: Sally is a rag doll who has stitched herself back together. Her costume includes a patchwork dress, tights, and a long red wig.

By dressing up as one of these characters, you can create a group costume that goes well with Oogie Boogie. You could also consider incorporating elements of Oogie Boogie's design into your costume, such as his burlap sack material or his insect-inspired features.