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    Any thoughts on living in Austin, TX?

    So my fiance got an offer to do a job transfer to Austin. Any rants/raves about living there? The cost of living will be cheaper than living in NJ, so in a way that's good. We'll be visiting soon, but I'd appreciate any information anyone can offer
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    The Notorious Bettie Page

    Anyone going to see this when it comes out? I believe April is the release date. I'm curious to see what the director Mary Harron does with it since American Psycho was just okay to me.
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    Lipmix Compact on

    Will it ever return, or are they even making it anymore? :confused:
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    Brow colors for a Redhead

    Hi all, any recs for a somewhat vibrant redhead for filling in my brows? I prefer powders not pencils, because they last longer on me. I've been using MAC's Charcoal Brown shadow, which looks okay but I'm not thrilled with it. I would love something else (maybe like a matte warm toned brown, not...
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    Hellloooo from the Garden State!

    I just wanted to say hello, since I'm new here and I haven't really posted that much. I live in NJ, and currently I'm working as a Beauty Advisor for "another" cosmetics line . This hasn't stopped my love of MAC cosmetics, I've been into MAC for about 10 years now, and it all started with a...
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    Anyone have a Student PPID?

    After looking on the site, I see they offer a discount for cosmetology students for $10. I'll be in cosmetology school next year, but my question is what's in the Student Kit? I imagine it can't be much, but I was wondering what it was anyway