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    My first FOTD :).. Merry Christmas!

    So I had some spare time after getting ready for a night out on the town , sorry.. I think my flash might have been a bit too bright. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. God bless! My tools: 239 219 se 266 se 129 se Victoria Secret Bronzing Brush TBS Eyrbrow Brush & a Lancome blender brush...
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    My Undercover Lover (pic heavy) 12/14

    I hope you guys enjoy my teeny tiny itsy bitsy collection. So this is IT. Basically everything, except for the little knick-knacks laying around my room. My palette.. My other eyeshadows.. a broken Rummy, Flashtrack and a Clinique quad. My ghetto Mac Cleanser.. I put it in the spray...
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    my itsy bitsy haul.

    blacktrack fluidline eyeshadows in.. club amber lights antiqued how boring!!! but i am definitely looking forward to some more makeup in the near future .