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    Recs for a bridal shower i have coming up

    Hey guys!! I have a bridal shower this coming weekend and i'm wearing a nice black shirt with some dark blue jeans and black heel sandals. What would you all recommend for my eyes. *also...the jeans have some matte goldish "stones" on the back pockets* THANKS!!!!
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    My EOTD for this evening

    It's Lucky Green & Chrome Yellow
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    *3 recent EOTD's*

    These are some recent EOTD's that i've done.
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    *Sunset like EOTD for yesterday*

    Opinions wanted!
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    *My summery EOTD attepmt*

    Input wanted as usual!
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    *My EOTD attepmt for today*

    Input wanted as always!
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    *Today's EOTD*

    What are your thoughts??? It was nice person I think, but my self portraits just don't work one bit.
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    *8/15/05 EOTD*

    Input please!
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    *EOTD 8/14/05*

    Input please!
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    *Edited My FOTD 8/13/05*

    Here's my FOTD for today ***Here are the bigger versions of the pictures.***
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    *FOTD 8/12/05*

    Here's today's FOTD. What do you guys think??
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    *My FOTD for 8/11/05*

    So what do you all think??
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    *My FOTD 8/10/05*

    What you think??
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    *My FOTD 8/9/05*

    This is my FOTD today...let me know what ya'll think
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    *FOTD 8/7/05*

    **Critique please! Sorry that it isn't as bright in the pic as it was in person.** XOXO *Annie*