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    All Things Sephora

    All the DE fans in here- I just got my Sephora birthday gift and chose the DE samples (Protini and Beste cleanser). Do you use the Protini cream at night only or day or both?
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    All Things Sephora

    Thank you!!!!
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    All Things Sephora

    Just in time for my birthday! Happy birthday to me :party:
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    All Things Ulta

    Not yet, hope I get mine!
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    Dior Cosmetics Discussion

    Yea those really don't look good!
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    Guerlain discussion

    They definitely do, and the packaging feels similar too.
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    New forum software: Xenforo Migration

    I can't add any pictures to my for sale thread in the original post. It keeps saying "oops, you can only attach 10 images".
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    Armani Discussion

    Looks like a gorgeous color!
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    All Things Sephora

    Oh good, I shall see what I need!
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    Dior Cosmetics Discussion

    Pretty!! I see some things to put on my Christmas list!
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    General Chanel Chat

    I like the dark e/s quad. Not sure I will get it, as I think I have similar things, but I like it!
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    MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)

    I ordered the highlighter and Princess Incognito today. I sort of wanted more, but not too interested in anything else.
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    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    I'm the same with this collection... love the packaging, but just couldn't get excited enough about any of the products to order them.
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    MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)

    I am getting excited!!
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    MAC Strip Down (April 4, 2019)

    I love a good nude lip