high maintenance! i love life and try to enjoy each and every moment of it. i love getting my nails and hair done and i feel like a part of my beauty team- i try to be knowledable.

i'm unique and can appreciate those with their own personal style. my friends can pick out things i would wear because i am so distinct. standing alone and being your own person is required in this life

chatting, shopping, partying and waking up early for church on Sunday :)
east coast- there's no place greater
make money :) and i get to party a little and live the blessed life while doing it. i thank God!
Favorite Cosmetic Line
MAC, Mizani, OPI, Fashion Fair, Ben Nye... starting to deeply love NYX
Most Favorite MAC Color Collection
Art Supplies- full of essentials
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"Life is much too serious to take seriously"
-Nikki Giovanni