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    Cleaning out my stash - new sale list - lots of mac and other high end brands, many limited editions items Hi everyone! Welcome! NEW LIST! I can't possibly put pics of everything here but feel free to ask, i'll send pics to you immediately! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING...
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    MAC Night Light pigment

    Hi guys, So... i was wondering... were there different packagings for Night Light pigment? After googling for pictures and after asking several friends who own Night Light, i came across three differences concerning the sticker at the bottom of the jars, all for batch code A16...
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    MAC Glitter Very Pink / Reflects Very Pink

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there was any difference between Glitter Very Pink and Reflects Glitter Very Pink... i came accros those two different types online while i was thinking of buying one. The problem is, i can't find any info on Glitter Very Pink, i only knew of Reflects...
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    YSL Rock & Baroque nailpolishes dupes, anyone?

    So... i was wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper dupe for the purple nailpolish, i've been looking at swatches on the Internet but all i could find was either too dark, too light, too warm or too cool. Any idea, please?
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    French MAC Pro clearance sale = serious damage!

    Hello ladies! I thought i would share it with you... i have a HUGE haul. On January, 17th the MAC Pro in Paris had a 50% off sale, so of course i went. It was crazy, you would just grab whatever comes and put in the bag LOL. Also, i bought some stuff from Sephora I'm on holidays, so i...
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    I'm back!

    Hello my Specktra gals! I have been away for a little while now, gone through some difficult moments! But i'm back. We always come back to Specktra, don't we? I remember when i heard of MJ's death, the first thing i did is going on Specktra to find some sympathy! I'm excited to participate...
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    So... i'm kinda getting into MUFE lately... thanks to Helene (i'll reply to you very soon hun!) and i came accros this limited edition metallic case at Sephora, of course i got to have it! The plastic holder inside is removable, so it makes a really cute and useful case! Yay! What do you think...
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    Hello there! I was wondering if there is a way to quote someone else's quoting! I mean, i want to quote a post which already include a quote... Thanks!
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    Hard hard hard christmas

    So, ladies... I'm totally depressed. Christmas and the new year's eve are really my favorite times, but seems like i'm going to celebrate these by watching tv... that's all. No gifts, no parties. Apparently i have been a bad bad girl !!
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    Hello from the magnificent Paris!

    So... i didn't notice this welcome forum before, my bad!!! I just mingled around without introducing myself! What a shame! So here's to rectify that: My name is Amira, i'm 22 years old, studying philosophy at the beloved Sorbonne, and thanks to you ladies, i'm now a total Mac addict!! I love...
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    Repromoted pigments in 2009

    Hello everyone!! So... everybody's talking and worrying about what will be discontinued this year, but i was wondering if someone has any clue about which pigments will be repromoted in 2009? Thank you!
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    like a virgin ... touched for the very first time...

    Alright!!! So, here is my firt mac haul, yep. The day my mac addiction started: Wednesday, December 3rd 2008!!! (except the Heirlooms set that i've bought in October but i didn't want to use with non mac products, lol i know i'm a freakkk)
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    Pigments vial

    Hello everyone! I'm a total newbie to pigments and i need your help... Do you know where i can buy pigments vials, including discontinued (beside ebay). And i was wondering if fake vials exist or is it just about the full size? Thank you!
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    please i really need help picking MUFE HD foundation

    First of all, hello to everyone from France! Here's why i need help. I want to buy this foundation in shade 115. But, as you may know, we French people love to do things our very own particular way... So, on the website they've changed shades numbers as you can it see here Fond de...