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    Clothes swapping websites

    Does anyone know of any good websites to swap clothes/bags/accessories on? I am having a massive tidy out and want to donate a lot to charity but I've heard of websites where you can swap with other people. Has anyone tried any or been a member of one that they recommend?
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    Gold and Black Smokey Eye and Lashes

    Hello again! My friend has done another youtube video and I think it's lush! GOld and black: Subscribe if you love it!
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    Green Smokey Eye Tut

    This is a tutorial my friend has made, she asked me to show it to everyone on specktra! She's just started out on youtube and appreciates and new subscribers! She's only done three so far so have a look and see what you think
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    Seeing Red

    Been awhile since I've done an fotd so I thought I'd show off my newly threaded brows Brows Port Red with 266 brush Highlight Select Moisture Cover Concealor Eyes Abstract Paint Pot, Danger Zone Mineralize Eyeshadow + Spiced Chocolate Quad Crease Dangerzone Black side Bootblack Liquid liner...
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    Organizing Your Wardrobe- Tips?

    So I've been having a bit of a dilema every morning getting ready, my wardrobe is crammed full of clothes and theres absolutely no room to actually see what's in it! I think I actually really need to rethink what I need and buy some essentials. All the junk is really cramping my space and makes...
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    Push The Edge

    Eyelid Painterly Paint Pot Brash & Bold Pigment Mixing Medium Water Based Gold Glitter Crease Hepcat Eyeshadow Push The Edge Pigment Highlight Shroom Eyeshadow Liner Top:Bootblack Liquid Liner Bottom:Reflects Copper Glitter MASCARA X Brow Fling Pencil
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    New Fall Collections

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    Sephora Candy Eye Inspired

    Eye Bare Study as base Gold Mode Pigment in middle of lid Teal Pigment and Urban Decay Graphitie e/s on inner corner of eye Nehru in crease of eye Bootblack and Point Black Eyeliner Mascara X and no. 7 lashes Skin Studio Sculpt Foundation and Conceaor Ladyblush Cream Blusher Lips Hue Lipstick
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    Assemblage + Air D Blue Smokey Glitter Theatrical

    Eyes Base: Blackground Paint Pot Smudged out with 224 Lid and Crease: Assemblage Black Blended softly onto this + Using 224 brush a small amount of Air D Blue Pigment on top of this Inner corner : Too Dolly from HK palette Bottom Lashline: Smolder or Black Russian Pencil smudged +...
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    Goth - Fetish - Theatrical - Extreme Make Up

    I've been asked to help create some make up for a goth club in London and I'm just pulling together some inspiration. Does anyone know where are some great sources of inspiration ? THANKS
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    Lime Crime Lipstick

    Has anyone used this brand? I was browsing the net and found it and it looks promising...? Lime Crime Makeup:, So bright, its illegal!
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    Affordable and Practical - Got a new Dressing table (FINALLY)

    Got a Malm Ikea Dressing table. It cost £89 and is slightly shorter in length than most of the ones I've seen on here! I have to say I could do with more drawers but at the mo this will have to do! I'm planning on getting some leapord print material to cover the block stool and painting the...
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    Been awhile... purple look...

    It's been awhile since I've done a post! Been super busy! Here is todays eotd. Eyes Royal Hue Shadestick in crease (as base) Gracious Me Shadestick in middle of lid (as base) Sattalite Dreams over Royal Hue Blended with 224 Melon Pigment ontop of Gracious Me Nocturnelle and Creme D Violet...
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    Dupes for Laura Mercier Blush Nectar

    I'm an NW15-20 and have discovered Laura Mercier's blush Nectar (now discontinued) is absolutely gorgeous. I'm usually a mac aholic so I tend to stick to thing like Mac's Dainty Mineralize but this LM is gorgeous! No sparkle and very natural. Would also be perfect for brides. I just wondered if...
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    Staff Training - April Update + Photos New Collections

    So this month has been Update Month for mac artist. I had mine the other day in London and thought I'd share the photos! The Naked Honey Collection is going to be HUGE, the body was and honey salve are especially yummy! We were given a few bits and bobs to see what we think. Lots of new...