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    Do you use face serums?

    Face serums I have been using for a long time at present I am using face serum for dry skin, it is very effective.
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    Summer foundation for very oily skin

    I have gone through your problem I can understand it as I am having oily skin too but not like yours but still I will suggest you avoid eating junk food and start using natural face wash along with this an ample amount of water you must have to drink in a day according to your body weight and...
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    Smokey Eyes for Work

    Pretty, maybe you are using baby face cream as your skin is so soft like a baby's.
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    baby products for people w/ problem skin!

    It's not only the one who faced such a thing but also me who really faced the same as one of my friends was having very dull and cringe hair but after using baby shampoo the results were amazing and I was really at the shock that what really happened to him now, I mean he now has softer and...
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    Iconic makeup products of the 2010s

    Thanks for sharing this piece of memories from the last decade as the iconic ones are natural hair care products.