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    HELPPP!!blonde and dark brown hairr mixed

    to see my pics look down hehe sorry( there used to be a pic of how i wanted my hair here..dont worry about it lol)
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    Date Movie

    Anyone seen the trailer for it? i think it looks hilarious and cant wait to see it! its basically ripping off alot of other movies like "Hitch", "meet The Fockers", "napoleon dynamite" etc and theres a funny scene with "JLO" in it
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    the hottest bands XD

    heya girlies and guys heres a lil perve pics of your fav bands or band members that YOU think are HOT here are my favs <img src="" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket"> oh and...
  4. x.els.x im not french :(

    HEY LADIES...and men if you are here im soo GLAD that i found this site and yea well im ellyse..from queensland in australia and love make-up and everything about it.. ok i sound weird but thats coz i dont know what to say in here hehe ok cant wait to talk to you all soon!! tootaloo