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    Pretty in Pink

    Does anyone know a color match for her lipstick? I'm looking for MAC or any other high end. Thanks <3
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    168 for Studio Sculpt?

    When I was at the MAC counter today, I was asking the MA about a good brush to use for foundation. I haven't used a brush to apply foundation (only sponges) and told her I already have the 187 and wanted to know what she recommended. I use studio sculpt and she uses the 168 and showed me the...
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    Technacolor= WONDERFUL!

    I went to my MAC counter today just to pick up some blush and to my surprise they already had Technacolor out!! YAY! :dance: I LOVE this collection. I picked up: e/s: Blue Edge, Pompous Blue, and Peppier And my Pink Swoon Sheertone! Sorry for the crappy pic <3