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    purple look using avons purple haze quad

    the light shade was used as a highlight the silver shade was used on the outer v the light purple was all over lid plum purple was in the crease =] lashes = avons specktra lash
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    help me recreate this look!!

    so i want to recreate this look but the only color i have is gorgeous gold which was used on the inner lid this is what was used: UDPP (primer) Rubenesque Paint Pot (base) Gorgeous Gold (inner lid) Fab N’ Flashy (middle lid) Warm Suede (outer and upper middle lid) Grand Entrance (crease)...
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    Has anyone ever ordered from this site or heard anything about it?.. I noticed they had some mac things for like 11.49 even cheaper for some e/s and they have alot of discontinued things on there that you can purchase.. i was going to try it out but i figured id check and see if anyone else has...
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    first fotd PICS =]

    idk if the pictures are the ones im suppose to be posting but here goes nothing eyes: all mac unless stated other wise UDPP vanialla e/s fig 1 e/s soft matte brown e/s rimmel mascara lips - take a hint tendertone sorry if they are too small to see i didnt want to make them too big
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    Clearance bin

    why cant i all a sudden view the clearance bin?... it says clearance bin but there is nothing there
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    what color pigment is this?

    sorry the picture is blurry
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    Sonia Kashuk Brushes

    They are exactly like MAC brushes! i love them.. i recently just went out and bought another eye shadow brush the small eye shadow brush and I LOVE IT!!...
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    AHH e/s help

    i just recently bought these colors from mac and when i wore them it looked like i had a black eye beautiful iris stars & rockets contrast and e/l in permaplum any recomendations on which to wear the colors with?
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    Sephora & Mac Mini Haul

    UDP e/s contrast, beautiful iris, stars and rockets permaplum powerpoint eye pencil
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    Im not sure if this is in the right threat, but i have a question about bare study

    I have bare study paint pot and i have painterly. Bare study goes on almost feeling wet.. Is that normal? I had two of them and they both did the same thing. Also what colors can i wear over Bares study to make them stand out?.. I only have a select of colors to choose from since my collection...
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    I have a bunch of shadows and dont know which to use together

    can you guys pleaseee help me! here are the colors i have: trax phloof honey lust retro-speck sumptous olive coppering fig 1 embark soft mate brown mystery haux humid gorgeous gold bold and brazen dream maker and i have deep shadow paint and i have no idea what to put over it because its so dark!
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    What NYX pigments are dupes of mac?

    i have: oro, mink, sky pink, fanta,and walnut
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    Signed, Sealed

    they discontinued this color!! my fav color! what can be replaced for this?!?
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    Mac Teal COlor

    Jane - millionaire, what color in mac is that a dupe of?.. someone please let me know thankss
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    what exactly are they used for?. i never really understood