animals and bugs.


I think for me it's also butterfly for bugs and cats for animals. I adore cats...
Oh, I also love cats. They are so cute and funny! When I was a child, I couldn't have a cat due to my mom's allergy. Now when my children got older, I finally adopted a cat. I need to figure some things out as I'm clueless about how to take care of my pet in a proper way (though I have already talked to the vet and chosen a proper food hereаin-free-cat-food/), but I'm more than happy!
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I can't even decide whether I'm a cat or a dog person. I have both and can't imagine my life without both of them. However, the more pets, the more responsibility. Regular vet checks, proper nutrition, exercises, vaccination, etc. - all this plays a great role in their life quality and span. And of course, regular protection from fleas and other insects. At least, I can get a pet prescription without vet and order all the needed products online.
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