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I've been drinking a lot of water and doing a lot of stretching before I actually start working out.... I stopped working out in May after pulling my sciatic nerve in my right glute... So I'm really nervous about actually working out but as soon as I can bend over without pain I WILL BE READY!


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Here we go! Height: 5'5"
October 7: weight 175.6--started on high protein diet my Nurse Practitioner developed
October 14: weight: 170.0 lbs--woo hoo!
October 21: weight: 166.6--holy cow! down 9 pounds!
October 28: weight 168.0--I cheated on my diet and it shows! Back to the drawing board and plan to stick to diet this week.


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@jessica: girl this is amazing! Congrats!!!!!! You're doin great! As that little setback it's just proof were all human and things happen don't let it discourage you!!!! You're doing amazing!!!!! My update : 2lbs down from last weeks weight-in but 2lbs it's normal to go up and down so I'm got g to truly believe it if this week has gone down some too. Been counting my points drinkin water and sneaking a run or a power walk here and there. Goal of the week: eat more veggies!!!! If I stuff myself with healthy stuff I'll be too full to indulge in cookies and candy. Halloween is a true challenge cause I love chocolate but I know it's not worth a buncha chocolate to the bigger healthier fitter picture. How's everyone doing!??


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I'm a little late on update 10/21/13 start weight 208.0 10/28/13 update 206.8 This week I have started to juice and have been drinking a glass of juice first thing in the morning. I have started to eat more vegetables. Exercise wise, I am exercising 4-5x for 45min-1 hour and I have been drinking only water.


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I procrastinated on weighing all week because I knew it wouldn't be good. It's been a HORRIBLE week and I've been eating junk and stress-eating all week and it shows. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'll just have to get back on track and start from here.

Starting Weight (10/21): 232.2
Current Weight (11/1): 235.6

Initial goal: 10 pounds lost by 12/31/13.
Goal weight for 2/28: 200 pounds
Final Goal weight: 150

Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Eat more fruits and veggies.
Eat breakfast every day.
Eat less unhealthy starches (white bread, white rice, etc.) and substitute healthier choices.
Get moving (no matter how small).


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Soo, Friday was my official start date (weight was 226 lbs :( ) Then Saturday we went out for a meal to celebrate my parents' ruby wedding anniversary, so not a great start LOL! Not making any dramatic changes, just trying to gradually make healthier choices where I can. More water, less soda, more fruit & veg, less carbs, etc. Today I'll be going to check out a possible gym to join.


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Hello ladies I just joined this thread.

Starting Weight: 265.2
Height: 5'0"
Age: 31
Current weight: 203

My Goal weight is to be back at my Marine Corps weight of 140 ( I was bodybuilding at that time)

Hey ladies here are my progress photos so far! This is a loss of 60lbs. This was taken a couple of weeks ago and is on my ig. I plan to post more as I go.



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Great start [@]jennyap[/@]! It's been almost 3 weeks since I've updated here. I've been a little afraid of the scale for that past week or so since I know I was not on my best behavior around Halloween. Now most of the left of Trick or Treat candy is gone and I'm feeling much better, aside from having this crummy cold. Height: 5' 2" Current Weight: 158 Last Weigh In: 162 Original Weight: 190 Ultimate Goal Week: 125


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Late update : 2 weeks ago 208.6lbs Yesterdays weight check: 204.2 lbs I have changed my routine. I stopped exercising since last update I made here and decided to start juicing 3x a day and for a better restart on my exercise routine, I decided to start detoxing my body drinking the 2 liters of detox water I prepare every night. So its a good diffrence without exercising. But I am going to be back to my exercise. I read that this helps to start seeing more results. Oh and I am still eating healthy. I have totally quit soda, candy, junk food. I prepare my meals and only I allow myself 1 day to eat what I crave but measured portions. How is everyone else doing?? Let's keep up the good choices and see results! ! Don't get discouraged if there's a little gain or no weight difference in a week :cheer:

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