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monster girl

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Has anyone seen how to train your dragon, there will. Be a second one in 2014 but toothless might die.:(:(:(
Hey yeah I found it last night & I have great new toothless is NOT dieing :D because there will be how to train your dragon 3 in 2016 & it says toothless & hiccup :D

emo lover 10

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OMG I love that movie
I also love coraline
You have taste girl!!!!!! (For Coraline)


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Oh yes one of my fav's I also like the corpse bride,james and the giant peach,edward scissorhands& tim burton's alice in wonderland (I love all of tim burtons films ) ;}
Oh I loooove Tim Burton's work! I just looooooove all of his movies! I could never choose a favorite because they're all so good! :D

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