MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2019


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There are a few rumblings about what MAC's bringing out in early 2019. Here's your place to talk about that and all the other sneak peeks about what else they're bringing out in the new year.


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MAC Fleur Real High-Light-Powder Poudre Lumiere ~ Spring 19


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MAC x eL Seed

The scoop is on chicprofile, BUT she has gone the patreon route, so the info is inaccessible unless you pay.

eL Seed art - Artist ~ very cool street artist who uses, "Arabic calligraphy and a distinctive style to spread messages of peace, unity and to underline the commonalities of human existence..."

The packaging alone could be intriguing...


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Finally , some Spring Update info is starting to materialize via melissashiffer insta , for starters new eyeshadows . Excited to hear more from Spring Update.


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Thank you. Some new things coming out for 2019...finally!!!

FYI BEAUTY  on Instagram: “SNEAK PEEK #maccosmetics are launching NEW  Hyper Real Glow palettes in 2 brand new shades 朗✨✨! Details:.  Shimmy Peach Glow, Baby,…”

@makeupcrayz on Instagram: “#makeup #sneakpeek : : #maccosmetics coming for @ctilburymakeup #hollywoodflawlessfilter fans and those of you who love cream #highlights …”

Francis Castro on Instagram: “Something exciting’s coming 襤  #macupdate2019 #thesouthbeast #m2yeswedid”


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Okay...LOL! As an actual working academic librarian at an art & design college, in essence an "art librarian," I find the title of this release and the promo photo below hilarious!

MAC Art Library Collection ~ Spring 2019


Deets from temptalia:

"Introducing 3 expert-curated eye palettes developed by M•A•C Artists! Take your makeup skills to the next level and ignite your inspiration with the chic, heated shades of the FLAME-BOYANT palette. Bare your soul with the intensely pigmented neutrals of the NUDE MODEL palette, or go avant-garde with the runway-ready range of IT’S DESIGNER palette. Each palette is carefully coordinated for high-impact, next-level eye artistry- and designed to get you started on your next masterpiece!"


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Good to see full size shadow palettes. I was afraid they would just do mini palettes forever. These are full size, right?
i don't even care -- i want all of them :twirl::dance:
[MENTION=51593]fur4elise[/MENTION] (i forgot how to tag, i'm sorry), sounds like this release was made for you! :D