MAC Electric Wonder Collection (June 6, 2019)


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This collection along with Boom Boom Bloom pulled me back into Mac after a one year no buy. :yay: I bought the Desert Lighting eyeshadow palette, Ignite Wonder face palette, and Natural Born Leader lipstick. I was a bit wary about the face palette due to the colors being very warm toned (everything is either red, orange, terracotta, or yellow nowadays) but the formula is amazing. I'd say it's the star of the collection along with the iridescent powders. The quality is there and the packaging is divine! I have a small selection of Mac single eyeshadows, but I really liked the colors on Desert Lighting and it seemed like a more neutral option in comparison with Natural Vice. I'm debating on getting the 126ses brush but don't know if it's a good brush or not. I don't want to buy a brush just because it's pretty. It's also 15% at Macy's which is where I bought most of the items.
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Think I will get Desert Lightning if it gets to the goodbyes section. The packaging is gorgeous on all of these products but nothing is really drawing me in.


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This collection recently arrived in my country. I only got Lets Mesa Around and The Naturalist l/s. Love both of them!