MAC Get Blazed (April 11, 2019)

Miss Dynamite

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Bling Thing Liquid Lipstick: $22
Commotion Motion - Electric pink with chunky bright pink pearl (Repromote)
Discobelle - Deep purple with light purple chunky pearl (Repromote)
Haute Flash - Vivid red with chunky pearl (Repromote)
Purple For Daze - Royal purple with chunky blue and pink pearl(Repromote)

Bling Thing Liquid Lip Top Coat: $22
Deliciously Disruptive
Gilt Ridden
Love In A Bubble -
Sweet Gleams

Shiny Pretty Shadow: $21
Joy To - Grey brown with shimmer (Repromote)
Put U On Gold
Glitz Please
P For Pink - Rose gold with silver sparkle (Repromote)

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: $21
Lunar Metal
Gold Metalist
Cop A Pose

Dazzledrops: $31

Dazzle Highlighter: $35
Dazzlepink - Sparkling rose gold (Repromote)
Dazzlegold - Sparkling yellow gold (Repromote)

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Miss Dynamite

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I'm definitely getting both Dazzledrops, Lunar Metal, Vio-lit and Gold Metalist Extra Dimension Eyeshadows and maybe Love In A Bubble and Sweet Gleams Bling Thing Top Coats.


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I want the shadows and some of the Liquid Lipcolors . If you want to see the collection, it is up on South Africa MAC site


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Well, i got Purple For Daze lipcolour lickety split (and Dazzlepink powder, and they are not kidding about the glitter in it), but i missed out on Vio-Lit ED eyeshadow, which is sold out on the MAC website. :tear:

But they still have it at Macy's, and there's a 15% discount... So i save $3+... Yea!!!

But they are now charging *$10* for shipping!!! For a tiny little eyeshadow!!! Ho-lee-cats!!! :wtf:

I can pick it up from a store near me, however, and i won't use $10 worth of gasoline to get there. So guess what i'm going to do.
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