MAC x Jade Jagger (December 4th, 2017)


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Temptalia has swatches up in the gallery. The red lipstick is pretty but dupeable, especially at $25.


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Waiting for swatches of the peach blush. The MSF looks super pretty but I don't think it's ideal for my skintone.


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It was supposed to be out in the US (at least online) a week ago. Probably would have been similar or the same for Canada. But I'm on MAC's website and there's nothing there for it. Maybe it's delayed a little?


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I'm excited for this collection. I didn't do any holiday collection shopping, so I will probably pick up the entire collection.

I hope this doesn't sell out too fast! I was pretty upset when all the MAC eye shadows were sold out the night before the actual launch.


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i pulled out some mineralize blushes and eyeshadows today from the divine night collection. so pretty and such a nice finish... i can't wait for this to be online.


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My local Mac will not be getting this collection. Now I have to decide if I want to risk ordering the blushes. Not sure how they will look on my skintone.
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It's available here too. I ordered Satin Shimmer and Perfect Bronze. I'm interested in Moon Shimmer but am holding out for swatches.


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Found this youtube video Colección MAC Jade Jagger (Look, swatch, review...) - YouTube

It's not in English, but you can see swatches in any language. I did pick up that she's comparing the peach blush to Warm Soul.

I haven't ordered anything from this yet. I may try to see this at the mall next week (assuming they got it and its not sold out)

The Beauty Look Book did some swatching of this collection and Patrick S. She didn't seem super impressed, which is one of the reasons that I'm not enthusiastic (my taste and Sabrina's is pretty parallel): mac-jade-jagger-and-mac-x-patrick-starrr-collections.html

UPDATE: Well, my MAC didn't have this collection. Looks like it's a miss for me. Hope others are enjoying their choices!!
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