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I thought I would start this thread because I'm seeing sneak peeks of items from fashion week and I'm not sure what collections they actually belong in. I know some people like to have threads for every single collection but it doesn't seem that there is much interest in Nars, at least not on Specktra, anymore so I think this might be easier for now to have a general thread.


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Definitely getting the duo that seems to have the name of the city I was born to: Thessalonique in Greece!!!
really nice combination of colors in the duo!!!
im so happy now!

I instantly thought of you when I saw this!!


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I think some of these products (shadow stick, lip pencil, eyeshadow duo (which is super pretty!)) and the blush in Bumpy Ride) will be in the Spring 2017 collection, but I also like the idea of a general NARS thread. A new thread for Spring 2017 can be started once we know more.


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Those primers have to be new. There was only one primer before, the Pro Prime. It was ok, I liked that it had a sunscreen in it. But I thought it was a little overpriced. One tube lasted me maybe a month, and normally primers last me 3-4 months for the same price.


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there wasn't only one primer.

there are 3 primers - light optimizing, pore perfecting and multi protect


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UH OH! Just in time for Cyber Monday @ Sephora $59 each
Unfiltered I:
Watch Me (opalescent gold) (sheen) (New, LE Shade)
Me First (apricot) (sheen) (New, LE Shade)
Takeover (copper rose) (sheen) (New, LE Shade)
Chic (rich raspberry) (matte) (New, LE Shade)
Out There (deep russet) (matte) (New, LE Shade)
Exhibit A (red) (matte) (New, LE Shade)

Unfiltered II:
Conquest (pastel peach) (matte) (New, LE Shade)
Undefeated (pale pink) (matte) (New, LE Shade)
Powder Play (vivid pink) (matte) (New, LE Shade)
Hot Sand (peach champagne) (sheen)
Fame (pink amber) (sheen) (New, LE Shade)
Candid (mauve raspberry) (shimmer) (New, LE Shade)

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