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In the last few years I've been thinking about possibly starting a makeup line. One of my main concerns with starting one is that fact that I don't personally use makeup. I look at makeup as a medium of art and would love to be able to help provide the tools for people to play around with and make their art. If I did go forward with creating a line of makeup, I'd study and use some one myself to learn as much product knowledge as I can and surround myself with people who do use it.

My question for everyone is if it would be a point of concern that the owner of a makeup line not using makeup? I would greatly appreciate any feedback about and thank you.


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Personally, yes, this would be slightly strange to me. Why are you starting a makeup line if it's not something you are personally passionate about? What would separate your line from the hundreds out there right now? If you don't use makeup, how would you know what kinds of products are needed/what kinds of things people are looking for in a product?
Not to dissuade you, but I would imagine if you go ahead with this plan, others would ask you the same questions.


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No stranger than the makeup brush brand Rephr, IMO.

Rephr was started by two engineers, neither of whom have any experience applying or using makeup, much less makeup brushes. So what they did was launch a Kickstarter campaign, then had prototype brushes made that they sold (buyers would then get the cost of each brush back in the form of store credit, IIRC). They would receive feedback from customers on the brushes and go from there.

I think with a makeup line, especially given your background is art and you have no experience using makeup, you may struggle more than the Rephr guys did.


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Having grown up with an engineer for a dad, that doesn't surprise me at all actually LOL. Engineers always think they can make things better, even if it's something out of their wheelhouse. :LOL:

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