What Disco'd product do you miss the most and why?


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For me it's Strada blush. I'm a NC 25 and it was the most perfect blush, contour and eyeshadow... and it's gone! (sob)


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I'll join you in mourning Strada. I'm NC15, and I always found Strada to be a perfect soft contour that didn't look too warm against my complexion. Funny, I never though of using it as an eye shadow.

I still have one, but it's gradually disappearing, which makes me unwilling to bring it out for anything except special occasions.

I'll also say (because I mention this every time someone asks about discontinued products) that I miss some of the edgier Mac lipstick shades like Grid, Ionic, Force and especially Jet... I keep hoping they'll come back, but I think I'm out of luck...


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all the fun paints and paint pot colours are what i am upset about :( why mac? not everybody wants neutral shades for bases!!


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My heart aches for Honeyflower lipstick. It was perfect. I have one, but i need to find another. Maybe there's one at a counter. :(


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Well you can still get BBQ lipliner but I'm ticked that it's discontinued. I've been using that liner for years with so many colors.


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You would figure with them selling over the years on Ebay for 5 and 6x their original selling price that MAC would clue-up and re-release it.
I, personally, would give my eye teeth to have Crystal Rose LipGlass back! Some Canadian on eBay is selling tubes of it for like $27 shipped, and sometimes I have these crazy moments where I get tempted to take the plunge. Sigh. If MAC has a dupe or a very similar shade, will someone be a doll and let me know?


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I was so hurt when I realized that they discontinued the lipgelees! Amber Rousse was my absolute favorite grab-n-go lipgloss.

Another item that I miss, and could KICK myself for not buying 20 of, was Icon Eyes. It was an eye kohl from the Diana Ross collection back in 2004 or 2005. I still have my one pencil and I use it sparingly. But it's my all-time favorite liner.


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The lipgelees and the colored paint pots is what I miss the most. I just wish that I bought Goldensoft Lipgelee before it was discontinued.


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I think it was only a LE to begin with, but Comet Blue Dazzleglass. It depresses me i paid almost £45 on this from ebay, and im pretty sure someone pinched it from my purse at a party :(


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i wont say its an actual product but i miss the old pigment jars. i have only brought one pigment in the new jars. it has to be an exceptional color for me buy pigments in the new jars.


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The MAC product I miss the most is Fashion Pack Lipglass, from the MAC Loves Barbie collection. I have been known to spend quite a bit on ebay for this gem. It is my Holy Grail Lipglass, and none of the permanent shades are a close enough match for me.