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new TE is up on nordies and there are some swatches too
also very nice gwp mini mascara with 25$ (there is lancome dior ysl ct clinique eetc)


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@elegant-one ~
There she is!

​Hope all is well lovely lady x0x0x
:twirl::wavey::heart: Hi hun! I'm in & out. Busy, busy right now but things should settle down for me next week :p Going to see baby Ruby tomorrow for the weekend & boy are we excited. We've been dog sitting their dog for 2 weeks while they flew to NY on business. The dog has exhausted us, for real. :)

What's new with you babe? Thanks for thinking of me!
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I got the concealer and i am pretty disappointed by it. coverage is sheer to medium there is no way this is full coverage. also the color is so damn dark. i got shade 2 and it looks like mac nw30 maybe even 35. wth
i am not sure if i should go swatch lighter ones or just return it