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    Fake Mac Quad / Palette

    Item # 130124325666 US Ebay. Seller has 4 listed, I reported them. It's a pretty bad looking fake!
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    Win Mac Barbie & The Collection....

    Win the M·A·C Barbie Doll & the complete Barbie Loves M·A·C color collection via sweepstakes by going to Just seen this on BC website and couldn't find it on the Mac site so thought everyone would like a chance to win After you enter if...
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    Dashing through the snow... For Barbie!

    I grabbed my mom & we drove an hour in the snow because I still am not sure if my order is coming from Mac!! I ended up getting there 10 minutes after they opened & she said I was in luck they only had a couple dolls left! So here we go... 1 -Barbie Doll 2 -Pearl Sunshine 2 -Pearl Blossom 2...
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    Got another Mac mailer today....

    At first when I seen it was from Mac I thought Barbie but.....nope it's a preveiw mailer of the up coming Mineralize Foundations/Skinfinish & Plush Glass. Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 us $26.50 (Low/Medium coverage) Mineralize Skinfinish Natural us $24.50 (five matte natural & Shimpagne)...
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    MAC Danse & LUSH Free 4 All Sale Haul!!!

    MAC: Lightscapade Glissade Aire-De-Blu Pastorale Fix+ - New Packaging... Love the New Packaging by the way I use to think it looked generic but now it looks great, simple but with class!! A+ for MAC with that change! LUSH: Went to Lushs Big Free 4 All sale since I missed the online one. I...
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    Smashbox cream liners?

    I just received in a swap a smashbox cream liner in bronze, when I opened it, it had a horrible smell like crayons. Is this normal? I do not own any others to compare. Also is there a production date on these, that would let me know when it was made being it could just be old? If anyone has any...
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    HELP....Can't Stop........HAULING!!!!!

    MAC Gone But Not Forgotten! This one I was jumping up & down lol It came today. Not 1 but 2 Gold Deposit!! Who's That Lady Lipgelee MAC: Rockocco Accent Red Pigment MAC : A MUSE 2 Shooting Star 1 Shimpage (to replace my broken one) Heat Element Illusionary Burning Ambition Factory Made...
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    Accent Red Pigment

    Mods wasn't sure if I should have posted under the other thread or start a new one. Feel free to merge it if you want. Thanks... Ok so I got this & at first glanch thought it looked alot like Pinked Mauve but after putting them side to side I think Accent Pink is more maroon/red/pink and pinked...
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    More Fake MAC

    I can't believe how many are out there!! Here is another fake:
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    Question about MAC's eyshadow pots/lipstick casings...

    I was just wondering has anyone else ever gotten items where the casing had like a small hole or dent? Here's a picture because I really don't know how to describe what I'm talking about. I purchased these off ebay but I had also seen items described like this on MUA. I thought it might be...
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    Petco Contest

    I just entered my new pup in the holiday contest.Please pay no attention to my bad hair & makeup day, She looked sooo cute in the picture I had to use it. If you think she is just the cutest too please vote for her or enter your cute pet Check her out...
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    Pay Pal/EBay Holiday Codes

    Don't know if this is the right section for this, if not sorry. Codes are good for discounts on your ebay purchases when you use pay pal as payment. 10% off 1 item, max $25 off Code: C1-Holiday2005 Exp 11/30 $5 off 1 item $50 or more Code: C2-Holiday2005 Exp 11/30 $15 off 1 item $100 or more...
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    Ornamentalism on Nordstrom ??

    This morning well I was browsing around I noticed the Nordstrom had a couple products listed from Ornamentalism. I searched for almost everything once I had seen the 1st one. The two I found our not LE, but I'm wondering if they are having a prerelease for these??? I'm wondering if the rest will...
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    Just My MAC Collection

    I started out on MAC with just a little pigment sample, Next thing I knew I was hooked Sorry if the pic's are too big I made them smaller but not sure if small enough.
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    Select Sheer/Loose Powder Question

    Does MAC have/make a shade selector where I can decide which shade is right for me? I mean I checked the web site but to be honest the shades don't look the same as what I've seen in person.