Dashing through the snow... For Barbie!


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I grabbed my mom & we drove an hour in the snow because I still am not sure if my order is coming from Mac!!
I ended up getting there 10 minutes after they opened & she said I was in luck they only had a couple dolls left!
So here we go...
1 -Barbie Doll
2 -Pearl Sunshine
2 -Pearl Blossom
2 -Magic dust
2 -Springtime skipper
2 -Whistle
2 -Beautyburst
2 -Playful
2 -Mothbrown
2- Fab
2 -Don't be shy
1 - Sweetness
1 - Malibu Barbie
1 -Happening Gal
1 -Fashion Pack
Sample of Mineralize Satinfinish NC30
1 -Mineralize Skinfinish Medium
1 -Raquel: Screenqueen Lipstick
1 -Barbie Fold-out



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Uhum! That's what I call a Barbie haul! =)
Great haul honey! It's lovely to see it all together.


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You make me feel like I should get back up of all my Barbie stuff! So I can save one set and actually use the dups.
It will actually hurt to try to use the e/s.
First dilemma was getting the stuff that I want and now comes the actually using them...

Awesome haul! :thumbsup:


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Wow that is awesome. I wish I could have gotten multiples.Did you get a double set for collectible purposes and one to actually use?
What was the total damage on that one?


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oh god...i am so envious of your haul...this collection's not available in my country yet


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Thanks everyone

Yes I bought a set to use & a set to add to my collection. The MA musta thought I was crazy, I handed her a list & said I need two of each up to the lipglass... one to use & one to look at lol.