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    I almost had a heart attack earlier (MAC related)

    So, earlier this afternoon I was putting on my makeup to go out. And, when I opened up one of my three MAC palettes. I noticed an E/S was MIA. It was Graphology. Which to my knowledge is discontinued. I was almost in tears. I know my mom likes to get into that palette and use Cranberry. So, I...
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    Birthday haul!! :D

    I went to the mac counter at the mall (first time at an actual counter/store OMG!) today. My mom decided to take me there to buy me a b-day present. While I was also there I B2M'ed for 3 lipsticks. Lipsticks -Pervette -CB 96 -Pink Noveau Lusterglass -Spring Bean -Wonderstruck Eyeshadows...
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    Question: Does anyone know if the Mac counter at Macy's take depots?

    I'm going to Macy's in my hometown of Lexington Ky tomorrow. And, I've never been there. I have about 30 depots of E/S's I want to know if 1)Anyone has ever returned depots at Macy's? 2)If anyone lives around Lexington and has taken depots to that counter recently. Thanks, -clouds
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    Another day. Another little haul.

    I got Strike a Pose E/S Fly-By-Blu Pearlglide Smolder Eye Khol Ever Embellish L/S Porcelain Pink MSF (MY FIRST MSF!!!!) And, I got One-Off E/S last night.
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    Tiny Little Haul (Plus the Colour Craft/Permanent stuff I got last week)

    So.....Today I found a few things I wanted on All Cosmetics Wholesale. Which I have bought from before (and they are legit) I got Silly Goose E/S Who's That Lady? Lipgelee Softnote Tendertone And, the 129 SE. So, I could get a good blush brush. And....Last week I bought, and already...
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    The after a hard day at the office haul.

    No pics..YET. Just got this online. Shadows: -Pen 'N' Pink -Beauty Marked -Flourishing -Graphology -Signed, Sealed -Tilt -Plumage 2x 15 shadow palettes Teal pigment mini Gracious Me shadestick Strawbaby L/S Silverstroke Fluidline Spicemix Nail Lacquer Pink Grapefruit L/G Sprightly L/G...
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    They don't counterfeit paints....Do they?

    I just 'won' (used the buy it now feature) to grab a Canton Candy paint of ebay..FIRST EBAY BUY YAY! I don't think they fake paints, correct? I mean. I try to shy away from buying anything that I know is commonly faked (eyeshadows, lipsticks, glasses, etc) from anywhere besides Mac and I site I...