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    Large MAC Sale! Isabella Blow, Style Warriors, Hello Kitty, Moonbathe!

    Hi All! I am going to Vegas in a few weeks and am looking to sella few items to give me extra spending money. All items are purchased by me from MAC or otherauthorized MAC retailers. I keep myitems in impeccable condition! Shipping is a flat rate of $3.00 for first class shippingand...
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    Katie's (coachkitten's) MAC & More ISO list!

    MAC Wishlist! Post cards, lipstick, & vintage stuff Hi All! I am looking for a few products and would love if any of you could help me out. Shipping would be to the US (zip code 98052). MAC: --Any old school/vintage Urban Decay packaging (I'm talking early/mid-90s) --Any old...
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    Help with posting in the sale/clearance board

    Hi, I have messaged two mods and have not heard a peep back. I am trying to edit my sales thread but it comes up with a bunch of code and I don't understand how to edit it or add new pictures. Can anyone help me or advise what I am doing wrong. In my 7+ years of being on...
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    Stila One Step Makeup

    Has anyone tried this yet? I couldn't find any reviews on MUA and there were only a handful on Sephora's website. I am interested to know what people think of it and if it really eliminates the need for a primer and/or concealer. $44 seems steep for a Stila foundation but if it works I am...
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    Not able to see buddy list and change my mood

    Like the title says I am not able to see my buddy list, thanks, or change my mood in my profile. Is this just a glitch or a permanent change? TIA!
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    Shopping my stash: Style Black FOTD!

    Hi everyone! I had the afternoon off from work so it was a perfect time to play with makeup! This isn't a look that I would normally wear but it was fun to try. Thanks for looking! Products Used: FACE: Smashbox Photofinish Primer MUFE Mat Velvet + #25 Smashbox Photo Op Undereye Brightner...
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    I have a bright future as a Style Warrior!

    Sorry for the lame title! Thank you very much for looking and I hope that everyone is having a good weekend! Face: Smashbox Photofinish Primer MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW15 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light MAC On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush MAC Luna CCB Eyes: UDPP MAC Luna CCB MAC...
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    Diet coke + Insomnia = FOTD!

    Lame title I know but it is true! Thanks for looking everyone!! Face: Smashbox Photofinish Primer MAC Prep & Prime Refine Zone (frankly this just makes my pores appear BIGGER UGH!) MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW15 MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW15 MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder...
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    Shopping my stash: Rose Romance FOTD

    Since I am trying to save a bit of money lately I thought that I would shop my stash for some dupes on the Rose Romance collection. Thank you very much for looking! Products Used Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW15 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light...
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    My take on Hello Kitty!

    Hi all! I am finally feeling better so I decided to do an FOTD with some of my new Hello Kitty stuff. Please excuse my skin. It is so terrible right now. Products used (all MAC unless noted): Face: MSFN in Light Tippy BPB Brows: Embark Eye Shadow Eyes: Sharkskin Shadestick as base Too...
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    Fake Dazzleglasses

    I searched but didn't find any threads on fake dazzlglasses. I am 99.9% sure that these dazzleglasses are fake. They don't even look like they have any sparkle. They are so cheap that I kind of want to buy a set and see what they look like. Just an FYI for you all to steer clear of this...
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    Anticipating MAC holiday collections FOTD

    I cannot wait for the MAC Holiday collections to be released! A week ago I decided to do a look with the soon to be re-released gold dusk (which is one of my favorites BTW). My pores look gigantic in this picture. Advanced apologies! Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 MAC Mineralize...
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    Vacation/Wedding FOTDs

    Hi y'all! I just got back from my trip to Charleston to go to my cousins wedding and I wanted to share a few FOTD/EOTDs. This was taken WAY after the party was done so excuse the oily face and messy brows! FACE: Smashbox Primer MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 MAC MSFN in Light MAC Dainty...
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    I won! I won!

    So this is a total suprise haul! My local counter at Macy's in Redmond, WA has been doing weekly raffles to raise money for the MAC Aids Fund. Each ticket for the raffle was $5 and I put one in when I went to the counter last Tuesday. Then yesterday they called and said that I WON!!! So...
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    Foundation and Dry Skin

    I was doing a trial makeup run for my cousin's wedding this past week and ran into a problem. She has extremely dry skin between her eye browns and her forehead. It was very hard to get the foundation to blend so it didn't look cakey over the dry skin. I used the regular smashbox photofinish...