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    Enchanted Garden (evening look)

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    A REAL smokey eye tutorial

    This is my third YT tutorial. Basically showing how to successfully do a REAL smokey eye :). Please excuse my 'randomness' I'm still relatively new to the beauty guru community so I do get a little camera shy! I'm trying to gain more subscribers so if you sub it'd be greatly appreciated!
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    Current job & dream job

    I didn't see any other post like this so I decided to start one! I currently work for Macy's in operations. I worked there all throughout college, but now that I'm a recent college grad I have been hunting to start my career. My dream jobs would be either working as an editor for a major...
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    How to go from being a MAC freelancer to Permanent employee?

    </span> I have freelanced with girls who say they get set hours on a weekly basis, which makes me terribly envious. But at the same time I can't really grill them on how they do it, as usually we are running around and don't have much downtime. People have told me in the past that it really...