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    OPI Chic Prints?

    Sephora: SEPHORA by OPI Chic Print for Nails: Nail Polish Has anyone tried these? I've heard of sim. products but I've only ever done my nails with polish. The tiger print patches are calling my name!!! ugh lol Their kinda expensive for a one time application. The skulls and pink fishnet look...
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    Frosty Cool Dark Brown shadow rec

    I'm looking for a dark brown frost shadow deeper then Satin Taupe and cool toned or atleast neutral toned. Just not warm or reddish. Thanks
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    Sparkley Black Shadow Recs

    I'm looking for shadow recs sim. to NARS' Night line. Anything black & pigmented with any shade or type of sparkle(like black with a purple shimmer) and ect. Thanks!
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    Cupcake scents?

    What are ur favs? I own and love Britney's Fantasy, VS Vanilla Lace, and Pink Sugar, what else would I love thats cupcakey and super sweet? Perfume, mists, or lotions.