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    Just a tiny one this time.

    I've been eyeing Summer Rose every time I went to a MAC store recently, so I finally caved in and got it! It's simply too pretty to pass up, hehe. I also B2M'ed for Hepcat e/s, and stopped by Sephora to pic up theBalm's Mary Lou-minizer. Now I gotta stick to my new goal: NO MORE MAKEUP HAULS...
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    Deciding on brushes

    I've decided recently to get some MAC brushed. So far, the only brush I have is the 224. I'm looking to get either the 242 or the 239 next, but here's my dilemma. I already have quite a few eyeshadow brushes that I think may be similar to 239 (eyeshadow brushes from Annabelle, Vasanti and...
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    Latest Hauls

    Went crazy in the past month and splurged tons on makeup, hehe. Sephora Benefit Gimme Some Plum e/s Benefit Where's The Smoke e/s Nars Deep Throat Nars Kuala Lumpur TheBalm Cabana Boy TheBalm Hot Mama TheBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow in Luscious Lani Too Faced Shadow Insurance Laura Mercier...
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    UD Get Baked Palette Dupes

    Can anyone recommend mac dupes for the colours in the UD Get Baked palette? I love the colours, but I just don't want to have another palette in my makeup kit when I already have a gazillion palettes sitting around and there are still slots to fill for my mac palette. Thanks in advance!
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    Recent Hauls (Combined into one post)

    I haven't actually gotten much lately, but here it goes. -MAC "Nocturnelle" e/s refill (so in love with this right now) -MAC "Seedy Pearl" e/s refill -Covergirl "Turquoise Tempest" e/s -MAC 242 brush -MAC "Sharkskin" shadestick (found one at a freestanding store and felt like I would die...
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    "Triple" Haul :P

    This is what happened when I got insanely bored today. I couldn't think of anything to do, so I decided to go downtown today to the MAC pro store in Toronto. Then I decided to take a trip to Sephora at Eaton's Centre. Finally, I went back uptown and visited the MAC counter at The Bay near my...
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    Recommend some must-haves (Urgent)

    I'm going to the MAC Pro store with a friend tomorrow, and I'm stuck on what I want to/should get. A while ago, I decided to throw out all of my makeup stuff, because I wanted to rebuild my collection (I just didn't like the majority of the stuff that I had). I've never really used MAC before...