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    Oh the guilt!

    I ordered Glissade and Lightscapade from and they have sent me two of each! I've emailed and let them know though. Wouldn't sleep easy otherwise. Do you think they'll ask for me to post them back?
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    A new camera for Christmas...

    ... means I can now take vaguely decent photos of my makeup! Yay! This is my second FOTD here, probably the first with decent photos :-D Just a quick look for no particular reason (ie the New Year diet has started and applying makeup stops me from going to the fridge). Face: Studio Fix...
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    Glitter Liners

    So, last night I was going out so I decided to put my Glitter Eyeliner in For the Boys on for the firs time (had it a while, never used it). Painted it on, looked beautiful, went out feeling very happy. But when I went to the ladies at the bar, I looked in the mirror and there was a big gap on...
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    Pink FOTD :)

    Okay, this is my first go so be gentle And also I have no idea what FOTD stands for! Here goes nothing... Face: Touche Eclat Clinique Pressed Powder (translucent) Benefit Dandelion Pinked Mauve pigment Eyes: UD Primer Potion Pigments in Lily White (inner...