Oh the guilt!


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I ordered Glissade and Lightscapade from maccosmetics.co.uk and they have sent me two of each!

I've emailed and let them know though. Wouldn't sleep easy otherwise.

Do you think they'll ask for me to post them back?


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Nope, they only charged me for one of each...

I was planning on buying backups anyways so hopefully I can keep them..


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They usually let you keep it depending on who you talk to you would have probably had more luck calling the number and not e mailing. If worse comes to worse theyll pay for you to ship it back to them.


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ive accidentally been sent extra of stuff before and theyve let me keep it
Aaah you are so honest letting them know, I am not sure I would have been so honest! I hope they let you keep them now because you were so honest about it, you deserve them!

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