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    Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks!

    Hey Loves! It's literally been a million years. But when I saw Lisa Eldridge post a video on her new lipsticks, I immediately thought of all of you. Where is Elegant One? This has your name all over it!
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    Chanel Coco Code Spring 2017

    I saw a swatch here (about a page back?)... looks like olive brown with glints of gold. I'm hoping to use it as a base to deepen shadows and on the waterline. I think it'll be stunning!
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    All Things Sephora

    It completely depends on your skin type. I have the regular and I love it, but I have oily tendencies so I've only used it at night. But if you're super dry, the EX might be a better formula for you.
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    Charlotte Tilbury Makeup...

    Oh the new Film Noir Nights Set is EVERYTHING. Opium Noir is simply stunning.
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    Chanel Rouge Allure Inks

    #154 IS MY JAM! I might have to give the other colors another pass because this formula is wonderful. Wears comfy like a regular lipstick but holds like a liquid lipstick. I love it.
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    Chanel Rouge Allure Inks

    I ended up with 150 (Luxuriant), 102 (Milky Blueberry) and 154 (Experimente):
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    Estee Lauder

    Bitter Clove and Black Myrrh, Bronzer, Highlighter, and Charlotte Tilbury Very Victora Lipstick (because Brazilian Nude isn't here yet).
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    All Things Sephora

    So MAYBE I went a little overboard with Cover FX Sunlight. Mixed two drops with cover drops and three of oil, then a little more on the high points of my face, and on the center of my lips...? I kind of look like a Twilight Vampire, but I don't really care.:sunshine:
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    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Skin Fetish 003 in Nude. I had to offset it with contrast, otherwise I think I'd look a lil' shiny and crazy...:scared: The iridescent pink is on my eyes as a shadow.
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    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Mine arrived with no warning (no shipment notification) on Saturday. Meh. I left a review on the blog. I need Miss McGrath to do better in the packaging department. On the skin: The highlight and pigment work fine on oily skin. The balm is a no go. The brush is a waste. The result is a very...
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    All Things Beautylish

    Natasha Denona 10 Palette + FOTD with Raw Gold (bottom right, second in)
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    All Things Sephora

    I played with it at The Makeup Show LA. It's a new 'foil metallic' formula that's REALLY bright but super creamy. Like the high impact shimmer version of the Editorial palette. A little bit will go such a long way. I really love the little 6-pans that are coming as well, with matte and shimmer...
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    All Things Sephora

    Sake. Pulls more pink than dusty mauve on me.
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    All Things Sephora

    Not to add to the frenzy, but the Tatcha Plum Blossom lipstick is absolutely, completely, and thoroughly (is that enough descriptors?) stunning. I love it from top to tail. The packaging is exquisite. Worth every single penny.