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    Feeling fat

    Just want to rant, at 5'2, i currently weigh 110lbs, i was about 103 last year. Im trying to eat better, work out etc but im feeling really bad right now, i just feel like hiding myself at home and not even do makeup as i would get upset at how round my face is. Alright, rant over.
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    Whats your favourite shadows to pair with woodwinked?

    I love woodwinked so much but i always use it on itd own as im not sure whats a good combo with it. Any suggestions?
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    Nars Private Sale

    Are you guys getting anything? Im thinking of the Rated R lol
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    Bubzbeauty brushes

    Have anyone tried these brushes? I heard they are new and shallow me loves the packaging lol, is it a good quality one though?
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    Mac Samoa Silk vs Soft Brown

    Hey, Im new to MAC and was considering if I need both of this? I heard they are both great blending colors. What would you guys recommend?
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    Sephora train case

    Anyone have the train case from sephora? Im thinking of splurging and getting one. What do you guys think? worth it?
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    NC20-25 girls!

    Im pretty new to makeup! List all your must haves makeups for our skin tones please! :)
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    Need help in applying eyeliner

    I have watched countless tutorials on applying eyeliner, and I still cant get it right. I think my main problems is that Im asian with partially hooded eyelids.Frankly, I dun even know if I have a crease. Whenever I try to line my eyes, it will definitely smudge on my lid and the line would be...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! A little about myself, I've recently started getting into makeup, Im late to the game sice Im in my early 20s I know! And Im still not very good at it, any tips and pointers would be appreciated! :)