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    F for Far too long!

    Hey guys i haven't been around at all in the last year and a bit really as my life has been crazy but its all turning around now Hope somepeople remember me and everyone is keeping well. Heres a quick snap of me on a night out a month or so ago. It was a fab evening and i met my new man. Hope...
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    Masked Party FOTD

    Haven't posted a FOTD in ages as i can't upload pics from my camera to a computer Here are some from my mobile from my night out on friday night - not the best pictures but wanted to show my face again. It was a masked cocktail party at my friends house Ridiculous Mask pic Used -...
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    Fancy Dress - Movie Stars

    I'm going to a fancy dress party next week where i have to go as a movie star. Any ideas would be appreciated. Need something recognisable but not too obvious that there will be others with the same costume. Minimum cost for costume would also be good but you can't have everything thanks x
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    Cherry Chocolate

    It's been so long since i've posted a FOTD as i dont have my camera and computer as i'm not at home. I've taken these pics on my phone so they aren't great but wanted to show my face. i'm so loving Cult of Cherry. i really wanted some of the darker lipsticks and glosses but didn't like them - i...
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    Friday glam office face

    Hi guys, Feel like i've been awol from posting FOTDs for ages. Life is a bit traumatic for me at the mo and i haven't got my camera so i've not been able to post any looks. I was really inspired by Zoffe's look she posted yesterday so did my own version this morning. Pics from my phone taken in...
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    Neo Sci- FI - MAC Therapy haul

    Thought i'd post the joys of my recent haul. Was feeling a bit sorry for myself as i'm having mega man trouble so decided a bit of bright orange MAC would do the job -- it did Shadows - Time & Space Evening Aura Femme Fi Magnetic Fields Passionate i already have regular expensive pink...
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    Birthday FOTD

    Hey guys, Feel like i haven't posted much so i thought i'd post my face from saturday night. It was my birthday and i went out for a fantastic Asian meal with my husband and two friends (there was meant to be more but i had loads of drop outs ) We had a great time. Also posting an outfit shot...
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    Peanut M&Ms

    Nothing to do with the title just make up was brown and tshirt was yellow so reminded me of peanut m&ms!!! Light is rubbish as its so gloomy at the moment. Here we go anyway. All Mac. Face SPF NW20 Studio Moisturecover NW20 Select Sheer Pressed powder NW20 Blushbaby blush Feeling BPB Eyes...
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    My New collection Haul - very Pink!!

    Hi guys. I've been so good this year so loved having a chance to Haul the new collections. I thought i was pretty good considering but my other half didn't quite agree I've another haul planned for duty free at easter so i can't wait xx Fafi eyes 1 Sassed up IPP Utterly frivolous...
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    Pink for a drink

    Hi, thought i'd post my fotn from last sat when I went to my Mum's house for dinner. I seem to be doing pink looks at the minute but here you have it anyway All Mac: Face SPF NW20 Studio Moisturecover NW20 Select Sheer Pressed powder NW20 ladyblush cremeblush Northern Light MSF Your ladyship...
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    European Delay - Good or Bad?

    I was just wondering what peoples take on being a month behind US/Canada for all the collection releases. Do you think this is a good thing as we get time to ponder our selections and view peoples hauls,FOTDs, reviews, swatches etc during the delay. Or do you find it frustrating, we've just got...
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    Foundation and glasses

    Wasn't sure if this should be in this section or chatter but here goes. I love my glasses which are thick plastic (As you can see from my pic) however it seems that my foundation also loves them as much as me. I seem to get a horrible foundation build up over the day from my nose to my glasses...
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    Fish Face

    Went out last night for a meal to a fish restaurant(hence the title) to celebrate my hubbies birthday and managed to get a few photos beforehand. The light is so rubbish but here is what i got (with flash): All Mac: Face SPF NW20 Studio Moisturecover NW20 Select Sheer Pressed powder NW20...
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    Weekend away - Make up - how do you pick yours?

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the best place for this thread but anyway. I'm away for the weekend and thinking about what clothes I need and then about what make up! Such hard decisions. I was wondering how everyone goes about picking what to take when they go away? There are your basic staples...
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    Spicy Copper Pink

    Really pleased with myself for keeping up my FOTDs Heres one from sunday which was done following Pompoko's tut using what i had. Big thanks for the inspiration All Mac: Face Select SPF15 NC30 Studio Moisturecover NW20 Select Sheer Pressed powder NW20 Blushbaby blush Natural Flare loose beauty...