European Delay - Good or Bad?


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I was just wondering what peoples take on being a month behind US/Canada for all the collection releases.
Do you think this is a good thing as we get time to ponder our selections and view peoples hauls,FOTDs, reviews, swatches etc during the delay. Or do you find it frustrating, we've just got N collection and the talk is all about FAFI and as soon as we finally get that it then everything will be all about Heatherette??

Personally in an ideal world we'd have a slight delay to take advantage of the reviews,swatches etc but maybe not as long as a month so that we are still all excitied about the same collection at the same time.

Not that this will change anything but thought would be interesting to hear other peoples views.

Thanks xx


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I dont think I mind too much. 2 weeks or so is great, anything longer and the excitment tends to go away

When Metal X got released so early I was so confused and ended up not getting anything lol


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I find it really frusterating to be honest. I don't mind seeing a few swatches and hauls, but the N collection did take its time to get released here. Now we are loving the N collection while the US/Canada got bored of the hype about it..
Now we will wait eagerly for Fafi!

I hope you understand what i mean!


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We use to wait a month or so in France to get the new collections but now, it's been shortened by 2 weeks! Maybe it'll be the same for all Europe soon?

It's ok for me to wait, I like to read people's reviews on cosmetic stuff in general, it gives an overall idea of the product before buying it. But as everyone has different tastes and needs, I'm ending up buying what I like and it's often stuff from the permanent collection.

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Its good being able to decide what i want and get the good stuff without wasting my money because they have already been reviewed by our international counterparts, but sometimes i am bored with a collection by the time it comes out.
N collection although i love it seems so yesterday lol x


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I'd imagine it would be ok to wait sth like 2-3 weeks, to see if people really like the products or which ones are more essential and are more versatile. But I have to say here in Istanbul it's a ridiculous wait! We just got the ORIGINALS!!!! it's been almost 8 weeks, it is absolutely ludicrous to wait this long for an eyeshadow, I've been craving a Parrot e/s ever since I've joined Specktra and it's not fair when everybody else is creating super FOTDs with Parrot and I am waiting in vain
))). Anyway you get the idea...

Ps: Going back to school in March to Chicago - it will be just in time for the Heatherette release.. I'll get my revenge then :p


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I wish it was about a 1-2 week delay, so we got a chance to get ideas from what others have bouht and swatches but a month is just annoying. It felt like we waited so long for the N collection!


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i actually think its good... i ALWAYS look at reviews and swatches before i buy anything and i think for makeup its even better coz u get to know what will suit you, how pigmented it is etc. Its also easy to know that each collection comes out the first thursday of the month whereas in the US there seems to be mixed dates and people get confused alot


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I think there are pros and cons. Of course I'd like to get my hands on the new collections sooner, but as most others have said, it's really useful being able to see swatches, FOTDs using new products etc. before you buy. I find it especially helpful as I usually have to buy online and MAC's own swatches on their website frequently look quite different to how they've described the colours/shades.

On the downside, I think it's disappointing that by the time a new collection comes over here and the European members are posting looks and comments, the vast majority of the US members are over the excitement and onto the next collection!


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Though I'm not in Europe, if I was, I think I'd not like the delay. Even now, when collections get previewed or goes on the website a few days before I can see it at my local counter, I get antsy. I just want to play! I think we get enough swatches and whatnot with those who are blessed enough to see it early so I have enough time to make a prelim list before I see it.


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Originally Posted by nunu
I find it really frusterating to be honest.

This is my opinion, too!


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I hate it that we have to wait a month =( I love that we can go on to Specktra and check out the hauls & swatches before it's released here, I wish it was only a week delay, two at the most!!

I also hate that I don't get any of the promo postcards/matchbooks anymore, they stopped sending them to me like 5 years ago,lol. SUCKS!


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I used to hate it at first, because everyone was excited about their hauls on both Specktra and MUA and us Euro girls couldn't join the excitement.

Now I don't mind the approx. 2 week delay. I can look at all the pictures, swatches and reviews first and make a list with all the products I'm interested in.

I agree with ritchieramone about the downside. Basically everybody is already over the excitement by the time I have my stuff. I just bought things from the Originals and N Collection yesterday and everybody is already excited about Fafi and Heatherette.


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I hate the fact that we don't get the postcards here. I would really like them! It seems like we get jipped on the freebies. Also, the employees don't really do any cool theme days here, which I find kind of boring. They wear the collection, but don't do any of that really fun and creative stuff I see pics of on here from USA or Asia locations.

I don't mind the delay so long as we get the products, I'm fine with that. I also like checking out swatches and FOTDs and reviews of the products so I know exactly what I want to buy. I hate when we miss out on collections though!!


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I think It's a good for my wallet. so i can read yours opinions about collection but sometime it's do hard waiting...


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I hate it.. by the time a collection gets released here, I'm bored of it.

Before I moved, I has the idea that when new collections got released in Canada, I would just buy online and ship to my Moms for me to pick up when I'm in Canada because MAC is so overpriced here. I don't even want to do that though, because MAC's online swatches are crap and while some people on Specktra can make swatches look SO GOOD, I'd rather see it on me.

So the only thing I have bought since I've lived here is one slimshine. I had a good sized haul when I was back in Canada for Christmas, and I may buy some Heatherette things online and get shipped to my Mom.


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Sometimes I think its a good things 'cause the swatches can help me decide and also I can just buy online rather than going to the shops.

And sometimes I get really fustrated 'cause the excitement wears down after everyone else over here gets the latest collections!

Ah well, it's just one of those things.


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I got mixed feelings, it's annoying to hear that US girls have one day to wait and we still have 30 days before we can say the same thing, but it's nice to be able to see swatches and make a more rationalised desicion.


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I didn't even bother checking out the N Collection when it came out over here cos I was so sick of the sight and sound of it by the time it came out that it no longer held my interest.

Similarly, when I was in the States last week, I didn't even care to explore Fafi in real life because I'd seen, heard and knew all about it and it was no longer exciting to me. In fact, I was totally sick of it!! Thats despite the fact that when it first came out, I had a whole long list of stuff I wanted from it!


All in all I see the delay as an advantage because my excitement about the different collections (which I always have an eye on before it is launched in the US/ Canada) cools down a bit and I do not buy everything each time but only some things I think they are worth buying it.

I like it to see the swatches before I can buy the things.