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    It stinks how one sale could sour me from buying on here??

    MODS- feel free to move where appropriate. I was not sure where to put. I wanted to start this thread because I am truly saddened that a seller could take $$ and not say anything to me after repeated contact from me. I wanted to make shoppers aware to do exactly what the FAQ says and really...
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    I have created a monster...a beautiful one..

    My daughter (age 7) only wants palettes for XMAS...and maybe some lip stick. I love her...she watches my every move. She is actually really good at blending her eye shadow!
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    I am thinking about blunt as a contour?

    I have seen many youtube videos that use MAC blunt blush as a contour, is it worth it? Thanks
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    Small MAC haul

    I am kind of waiting for the next friends and family sale to get a ton more. I just bought the 231 brush ...I am not sure about it though. Vibrant grape e/s...another purple, smoke and diamonds- LOVE this! fashion groupie, coppering. I really like the starflash collection and I plan to get more...
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    I love my Lash Blast...what should I get next?

    I have tried a few other brands and I always come back to my lash blast mascara...but it seems to go fast! I want to try another brand...any suggestions? Thanks
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    Nars Desire blush

    I saw a swatch of it and it look so good? Any other to recommend to purchase with it?
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    Favorite Smokey Eye tutorial?

    I really want to make blue work on me! Any recopmmendations for an awesome tutorial? Thanks
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    Best finds at CCO? Why cant I find anything good?

    I recently visited my CCO in Cabazon, CA and I could not believe the terrible selection (small) but also kind of dirty area. I was sad. It was a drive there too...Oh well, next time! What have you found?
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    Top pigments to recommend

    Hello gals and guys! I really want to try some pigments...I know I am a newbie..I am going to purchase some samples...what colors should I start off with. I am open to ALL colors! Thanks
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    My color does not seem to look as bright??

    I picked up some new es from MAC after a very long time of going without it. And I applied it today and it seems very light. I picked up: sushi flower, swish, parfait amor, and satin taupe...should I have gotten a matte vs satin or frost. I guess I was expecting more brightness as it has been...