My color does not seem to look as bright??


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I picked up some new es from MAC after a very long time of going without it. And I applied it today and it seems very light. I picked up: sushi flower, swish, parfait amor, and satin taupe...should I have gotten a matte vs satin or frost. I guess I was expecting more brightness as it has been awhile since I have been to the MAC counter. Any suggestions?? Oh I also bought the bare naked paint pot.


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Well, i know i have a hell of a time with sushi flower (i loath it!) and sometimes i have a bit of trouble with parfait amour, but i dont have the otehrs.
Are you patting on the colour? Or sweeping yoru brush from side to side?
I think this goes without saying (especially sinc eyou said you have a pp) but your wearing a base, yes?
If you continue to have trouble with these, i would invest in Fix +. It will change your life. You pack your brush with shadow, spray it and tehn apply the shadow wet. It makes all those difficult shades work!


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Hi there - I have parfait amour, and have had a lot of difficulty with it. It really needs the $239 brush - and to 'pat' / pack it on, without swishing. Any blending with the #217, will wipe it right back off again! I also have satin taupe, and whilst it's not as bad, it still prefers packing on.
The other thing I used to do it layer my lightest shadows on first (ie vanilla, then satin taupe, then carbon/smut), however covering the whole lid with vanilla, then makes satin taupe not go on as well, so now I just put vanilla on inner third, satin taupe on middle....etc and blend together rather than try to blend on top of...
I have found that mixing medium (make your own with 1 part glycerine to 2-3 parts water/ or rosewater) works, and there is a product called DuWop Payoff, which turns all pigments or pan shadows to cream - just add a drop directly onto the palette (or brush) - it works wonders! Makes everything double intensity, and also helps prevent fallout....
Bases (I use NYX crayon over a primer) helps heaps too...


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**edit bare study pp
Anyhow, I have managed to make sushi flower work since this layering and I also find that when I use my carbon it is so hard to not have fall out! But the smokey eye effect is so worht the trouble. I just try to have fun! Thanks for the replies!