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    Light weight foundation for dry skin?

    My skin gets very dry and flaky, but I still break out on my cheeks, nose, and around my mouth. I also have lots of little red patches from past breakouts that I'd like to cover. Does anyone have a recommendation for a lightweight foundation, primer, or tinted moisturizer that will even out my...
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    Neutral Eye + Pop of Yellow!

    This Video is part of my "Neutral Rainbow" series. I'll be using 5 neutral eye shadows to create different eye looks, and then showing you how to easily incorporate different pops of color into your makeup routine! Finished Look: Tutorial: Products...
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    101 Beauty Tips: Skin Care
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    Smokey Peacock Eye

    Finished Look: Tutorial:
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    Nicki Minaj Inspired Look

    Here's the finished look: Tutorial:
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    Best MAC products to update my makeup routine?

    I got an $80 MAC gift card for Christmas, and I'm wondering what products you would suggest to fit my makeup needs. I have pretty dry skin with a few red spots and dark circles under my eyes. I'm looking to get a primer and a concealer that would work for both my ender eye circles and my...
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    Cranberry and Gold Holiday Eyes (with Sugar Plum Lips)

    Happy Holidays and good luck to everyone who enters! Here's the Finished Look: And Here's the Video Tutorial:
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    Classic Holiday Smokey Eye with a Cranberry Lip

    Finished Look: And the Tutorial: Hope you enjoy! Constructive criticism is always welcome.
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    Outfit of The Day: 11/17/2010

    What I'm wearing: Dot Tights, Sweater- Target Belt- F21 Skirt, Boots- Wet Seal Blue Tights- Hue Necklace- Antique
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    Ke$ha Inspired

    Can't say I love the whole "Garbage" Chic thing. But I loved this look in Seventeen: I just had to recreate it! Here's the finished look: and here are the eyes: I love the way it turned out! Here's the Video Tutorial:
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    Maxi Dress on a short frame?

    I LOVE Maxi dresses, especially for fall with a thick sweater and scarf, but I'm wondering if I can pull it off. I'm quite short (5'4" on a good day) and I'm just afraid a maxi dress will make me look frumpy. If there are any other short ladies out there, I'd love your advice. Also, If anyone...
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    Eotd - 9/22

    These were taken at the end of the day, so I didn't include any full face shots because my foundation had rubbed off. I was experimenting with color placement, usually I do my darker color in the crease, but I decided to try it in the outer corner, and loved the way it turned out. Products...
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    FOTD - Natural Flare

    Went to the Hyde Park Street Fair with the boyfriend yesterday, and then played pool at a friends house last night. I've been loving shimmery neutrals with my eyes lately. Products Used: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Classic Ivory Maybelline Super Stay Concealer in Ivory...
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    VIDEO! How My Makeup is Organized

    Hope this helps! YouTube - Makeup Organization