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    NARS Spring 2008 product info!

    Alhambra (eyeshadow duo) is a light metallic pink and the other side is a *perfect* metallic golden champagne. The texture is wonderful. Very silky, pigmented, and blendable. Manhunt (lipstick)looks like flamenco (bright red) in the tube, but is actually pink..not red at all. Pretty, but...
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    Pics of my NARS Stash

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    NARS Luster blush Holiday 2007

    I just got Luster blush today. Heres a picture of it next to sertao (left) and orgasm (right). Its much darker than sertao on, even though sertao looks darker in the pan. It is a peachy bronze, and has no pink like orgasm. I will add to the thread as i get more products from holiday collection.
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    NARS holiday Info

    Heres what i found out about nars holiday. Well, first of all theres a promotion rihgt now (this MAY just be at lord and taylor, I'm not sure.) If you spend $75, you get a mini skincare set with NARS balancing foaming cleanser, balancing toning lotion, balancing moisturizer and aqua gel...
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    My name is rachel and I'm new. I had an account a few years ago but lost all the information! My username is actually supposed to be rachellovesjeans (as in, denim LOL) but i realized it cut me off after i registered. Oh well!
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    Shu Uemura Summer 2005 Collection

    I got a few things from this line, including cream blushes and lipsticks, but this quad really stands out. Its truely wonderful! These are all very unique neutrals. All the shades are very shimmery. As with all Shu shadows, these are very pigmented. P Pebbles isn't as pink on as it looks.Its a...
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    My Easter FOTD!

    Pretty boring but i got new stuff so of course i needed to use it all =P Face: Stila TM in Medium Stila Convertible Color in Petunia (i def. didnt need bronzer today as i've tanned to about an NC 35 hehe) Eyes: UD Sin as a wash (found this hiding last night!..but almost gone sadly) UD Half...
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    Shu Uemura shadows have NOT been reformulated.

    I heard this rumor floating around. I start working for shu uemura in mid april, and i asked them if this is true, and they said no. But just to confirm I emailed the site. Here it is. Our Pressed Eye Shadows have not been reformulated, but depending on the shade, the texture may differ. In...
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    Shu Uemura Fiber Xtenstion Mascara*PIC*

    Holy ^%*&^...I've never had such long, lush lashes! I've tried almost every mascara (high and low end)and this has NO competetion. It thickens lashes but gives SO much legnth that I couldn't help looking at them! I've never ever ever felt this passionate about a product. Do you need an eyelash...
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    Shu Uemura Summer 2005

    I'm so excited for the pallete and lippies! I'm also wanting to try this mascara. Looks like i'll be splurging soon! LOL Yay! Now I have something to look forward too.