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    31st March FOTD

    I actually liked this look I done it for basically, sitting around the house and doing nothing all day haha! And it obviously looked much better in real life. Sorry for lack of pictures.. The closeups were taken with a different camera to the full face haha. And both were mobile...
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    First Specktra FOTD :]

    To be honest, I don't post much but i always look at everyones FOTDs so I thought it was about time i posted my own :] I'm no where near as good as all of you, but i'm still learning so constructive criticism is appreciated Those were the only decent pictures that I managed to get this...
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    Small Amuse/Technacolor Haul

    I got shouted at by my friend for spending "so much money" on 4 things! Haha. Sorry for such bad pictures, they were taken with my camera phone. I didn't get a chance to look at all of Technacolor, as the MA Had taken 3 of the shadows to put on someone. And I really regret buying so...
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    Sweetiecake in the UK?

    I'm sorry if there is already a thread about this, I done a search and nothing came up so.. I was wondering if anyone knows when the Sweetiecake collection comes out in the UK? Thanks