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    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    Has anyone successfully backed to MAC for these? Thank you.
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    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    I think Burning Love looks amazing on you.
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    MAC Snowball Face bag Whisper of Gilt

    Anyone in Canada miss out on this? I picked this up for a friend and they changed their mind. :( Selling for $50 but according to Canada Post it will cost about $15 to ship. Brand new, still in box. Can post pictures if there is any interest.
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    MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2017

    My anniversary gift for July.
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    MAC Dazzleglass (July 6, 2017)

    Some old swatches from KarlaSugar
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    MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2017

    These are available now on line at the Bay. The lipstick shade is called Proud to be Canadian and it says it comes with a free tote but this tote bag is also for sale on the site.
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    Mac artificial earth eye shadow

    Broke my artificial earth this morning. Anyone selling theirs please let me know.
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    Chicory Lip Liner

    Hope someone can help -- I have Chicory lip liner and I never buy liner unless the MA recommends it for a specific lipstick or two but I can't remember which ones it goes with. Any suggestions/guesses? Thanks all.
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    MAC X Julia Petit Collection (March 18, 2015)

    Photos from The Beauty Look Book blog. Anyone know a MAC lipstick that would look like this? Thanks for the help.