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    good cheap matte/non shimmery lip products?

    Are there any drugstore lipsticks and glosses out there that aren't shimmery? I'm specifically looking for a nice baby pink, something like Snob and a nice nude like Fleshpot or Myth. I also quite like Blankety. I'll take any suggestions though, even for other shades as long as they're not...
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    Harassment, mail fraud, blah I need advice

    First off, sorry if this isn't the right type of thing for this forum and should be in the Chatter section, I'd really like to keep it here since the forum is locked. I'm reaching out for advice on here because I know in the beauty communities, a lot of people have unfortunately have gotten...
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    Products you're using instead of dc'd items

    If you can't get your hands on shadesticks or paints anymore, what are you using instead? I've never tried any of the shadesticks or paints, just Painterly paint pot. I have no problem at all with the paint pots except for the variety of colors. The McQueen ones looked awesome but they're LE so...
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    hi, here comes another new one

    Hi, my name is Brigitte. I've lurked here for quite awhile and learned a lot of good info but summer boredom and my internet working good again made me decide to finally sign up. I loveeeee MAC but I really don't know a lot of people who do so it'll be awesome to talk with other addicts out...