good cheap matte/non shimmery lip products?


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Are there any drugstore lipsticks and glosses out there that aren't shimmery?
I'm specifically looking for a nice baby pink, something like Snob and a nice nude like Fleshpot or Myth. I also quite like Blankety. I'll take any suggestions though, even for other shades as long as they're not shimmery.

I've been checking a lot out but they all seem to have a silver shimmer to them.

Love Always Ivy

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NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Calliope sounds like what you're looking for. its a nice nudey pink and 100% matte.

id also suggest trying some amplified cream MAC l/s, cause they tend to not be shimmery or glossy looking.


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revlon has mattes i know. i have peach + apricot mattes by revlon. try to check out their displays at the drugstore!

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