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    I ::heart:: nail polish!

    The only problem with taking pics of a nail polish collection is that by the time you finish uploading, the pics are already out of date! I recently posted this elsewhere but thought some of you here might appreciate them too. My Nfu-Oh Army...these ladies mean business...
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    Umbra Tubo = Nifty Little Brush Holder

    Found this toothbrush holder at bed, bath & beyond yesterday and figured it might work pretty well for make-up brushes, too. If I could find a slightly larger glass/pyrex version, it would be perfect... Brushes Tubo Brushes + Tubo $12.99 @ bed bath & beyond Umbra Tubo...
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    Sephora Makeup Station?

    Where have these been hiding? I'm curious if anyone has purchased any of the lacquer accessories from Sephora and could share some pics? I would love to see them in "action" to find out how much they would hold and if they would still stack when filled. Sephora: Sephora Brand Makeup Station...
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    Sephora Favorites catalogue look lipstick request

    Help! I'm smitten with the lip combo on pages 4 & 8 of the little Sephora Favorites mini-catalogue that came with my recent order. The caption in the catalogue states that they used Plantlove l/s in Sam layered with BE Buxom in Dominique but when I went to the store and tried them out, the...
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    Finding Nemo, the palette!

    I’ve always been such a neutral-eye girl but since finding Spectra, joining the bright side seems so tempting. I’ve only gotten into MAC e/s the beginning of this year with the Neo Sci-Fi collection. Before that, finding the perfect black & olive eye liner, red lipstick and anything goes nail...