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    Username merge?!

    OK so i was using my new sn last night to post up a fotd. when i tried to access my account today i couldnt log on. So i decided to use my old sn which is this one to see whats up but for some weird reason the fotd thread that i posted on my new sn is showing up on my old sn. I dont know if...
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    1st FOTD!!!

    Hey everyone. This isnt actually my first fotd on specktra because i have another sn on here but im going to start using this account from now on. Hope you like. CC always welcomed. Eyes: MUFE 92 deep truth wondergrass electric eel vanilla white frost rubenesque paint pot spiked brow pencil...
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    Medusa's Makeup

    Here are the 12 eyeshadow swatches for Medusa's makeup. L to R 1st row: electric white, electric yellow, electric kiwi, electric green, electric turquoise, electric blue L to R 2nd row: electric indigo, electric purple, electric pink, electric red, electric orange, electric black With Flash...
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    Domo Kun Nails!!

    I had a sudden idea to do domo nails while I was wandering around the house doing nothing. What better to do but to drag and hunt my sister down and paint her fingers. WHAT I USED: savina nail polish in the brown color (do not know what it is called) Stripe Rite in Black and Red OPI Alpine...
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    Nail art I have recently done...on myself!

    Recently i have gotten more and more into nails almost passed the point where i TOTALLY forget about makeup!! JUST KIDDING! Well Nail art is expensive and im pretty much poor right now so i thought i would buy a few nail brushes and such to do my own. Hope you guys like it. Feel free to give me...
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    Nail Art Stamping

    Hey people! OK so those of u interested in saving money and doing ur own nails at home, i came across this product called Konad nail stamping. i dont know if u can post videos on this thread but heres the link to the nail demo: YouTube - Konad Nail Art Demo Video Ive been trying to attempt to...
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    Bright pink and purples ... on asian eyes =]

    hey everyone. i havent been on for a while and had no time to link this video. so now im back and here you guys go. hope u like it. YouTube - Bright Purple & Pink eye makeup
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    Newly Minted Bio Green

    This is a video tutorial. all the items are said in the video. its my first time so its a little [email protected] =] have fun anyways 1st Part 2nd Part 3rd Part The tutorial is to achieve this look: Eyes: udpp jadeeye f/l ricepaper bio green newly minted night bird carbon blacktrack f/l diorshow...
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    Newly Minted Bio Green

    hey guys and gals i recently bought bio green and it is amazing the green is so bright and vibrant. not like any other green in reg. stores. i am also finding newly minted more workable because when i got it at first it was too chalky then i started using jadeye f/l or sea me shadestick for a...
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    Flammable Friday

    haha stupid title i didnt know what to put. i recently dyed my hair back to black...pitch black last sunday and im loving it. sadly i sorta miss my blue hair ='[ but it was time for a change. heres something i put together b4 i headed for school. CC always welcomed eyes: flammable paint shroom...
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    HI EVERYONE IM BACK but probably not for long knowing me cus i know i dont have anything much to post cus i basically do the same different looks. tehe. hope you like Eyes: Bare canvas paint vanilla piggie Smoke Signal piggie violet piggie some other piggie from an old collection that i dont...
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    I can wear glitter cus its my bday!

    haha yeah its my 18th. not rlly that fun though hmm.... well tonight im gonna go eat thai with the friends and come back to my place to party and drink! drinking=best part of the night. Eyes: Bare canvas paint royal hue shadestick sea me shadestick ploof! vanilla pigment nightbird (intense eyes...
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    Purpley Blue from 3 mixed pigments =]

    i tried the whole mixing pigments thing from erynnj's FOTD. i thought it was a pretty neat idea so i decided to play around with my pigments. Eyes: mixed: pinked muave, violet, teal piments ploof! carbon waternymph blacktrack f/l diorshow mascara wet n wild purple eyeliner face: CG clean...
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    Share your SECRETS! How do you....(PERSONAL)

    get you guy to to moan like a girl? or get him "off"? My bf says its my tongue haha and i get him from behind the ear and his neck. this is funny but he always moans like a girl when i do it im sure u girls have a certain spot to make a man scream like a girl haha. SHARE IT WITH US ... mayb it...
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    Ahhh COLLEGE!

    Havent been doing anything cool lately. Just started college with a bad start so havent rlly concentrated on my makeup unless for going out with the friends. im still frustrated i cant get any of my general ed classes this semester. Eyes: Ballooncy Quad Parfait armour purple haze Milani taffy...