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    Miley lip dupe!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but I was wondering if you guys had any idea what color lipstick/lipgloss Miley Cyrus was wearing in this photo? Thanks so much!
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    Plushglass---Weird smell?

    I bought Cushy White when it first came out. Now it kind of smells and I'm terrified to use it, but I really love it. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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    MAC Shadows-People Style Watch magazine

    On page 69 of the June/July issue, they feature six eyeshadows that I've never seen before. Romp, Fab & Flashy, Wondergrass, Big T, Bang on Blue, and Going Bananas. I've never heard of them before, and I've checked the regular site and the Pro site. Anyone know anything? Thanks!
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    Do I need to have makeup artist background?

    I appreciate any input/suggestions. Thanks!
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    I got...BARBIE!!

    I got the Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom Eyeshadows in Springtime Skipper and Playful and Lipstick in Real Doll. I'm going back over the weekend to pick up two of the lipglosses and Mothbrown shadow. Plus probably the pink blush. Everything is beautiful.
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    Anyone else going?

    To the Barbie party at Bendel's on the 17th?
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    Quick Question

    Does MAC give away samples of pigments? I've seen pictures where people say "pigment sample". Do you have to buy something? Can they just make them out of the testers?
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    New Girl :)