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    I'm moving to Australia!

    Hi everyone! I just got accepted into graduate school in Sydney (North Ryde to be exact) and just wanted to know if anyone was from the area. What is there to do and what should I expect (food wise, people wise) weather wise, etc.) I should be there by the end of June or early July...
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    What the flip man?!

    I have been waiting for weeks for MAC to put up the Luella TLC in Pink Pink to Make the Boys Wink! It always said Coming soon and last night I checked it said the same thing! Now it says "Sold Out" WTF?! I wanted that so bad Boo-hoo. Ok maybe its a sign
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    Sort of OT but not really ;) re: my obsession

    Ok so like a lot of you I have this obsession with makeup! MAC, Stila, anything like most of you too I am a makup whore! I love all brands! I cant just stick to one! So heres the thing, I work for Clinique and on my days off I go in and buy stuff from other brands like a Lancome JT or like...
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    Who the heck sings this song?!

    Ok I hear this everyday at work and I absolutley hate it! All I know is that some of the lyrics are: "If I traded it all, if I...all just for one day...." and he repeats this like 400 million times in the song This guy sounds like he is going to kill himself but the only reason I want to...