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    MAC PRO Haul + Pixs

    Hey all, went to vegas over the weekend and stopped by the pro store. This is what i ended up with. They ran out of a few pro colors i wanted =(. I also have swatches but i dont think they came out too well. if you really want a post i will post it. All the pro shadows is similar to a veluxe...
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    Xmas Party FOTD

    I went to my BFs formal xmas party and got my makeup done at mac for the hell of it. she did an awsome job too! Anyhow its hard to explain what went where for my eyes, but you can figure it out from the pix.
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    Mermaid Eyes!!

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    Rose and Inventive Eyes

    Nothing too special, very neutral for my taste =). I REALLy need to apply my blush more heavier cuz they never show up in pixs.
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    Simple Purpley EOTD

    I havent given up on MAC!! i swear it!!! LoL...i just wanted to know the staying power of Milani e/s...=)
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    Neutral Look...Nice and Simple =)

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    My Favorite Smokey Eye...BIG pix!!

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    Jasmine, Bright Coral, Agate FOTD

    - Bare Canvas - Vanilla highlite - Corn shadestick on lid and inner crease - Jasmine inner lid and crease - Bright Coral Pigmnet outer lid and crease - Agate outer crease - Brown Liquid Liner - Buried Treasure lower rim - Corn inner liner, Agate outer liner - Shiseido mascara base, Hypnose...
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    Greeny FOTD

    - Bare Canvas base - Chartru on lid and inner crease - Aromaleigh Aloe on inner lid and crease - Aromaleigh Grass on outer lid and crease - Humid Outer Crease - Shade top liner - Shiseido Mascara Base, and Hypnose Waterproof - Chartru lower liner with Aloe and Grass on top - Pinkerpeach blush -...
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    Peachy Plummy FOTD....

    - Lancome Sable Trinidad base - Shroom highlite - Say Yeah inner lid and crease - Hepcat and Nocturnelle outer lid and crease - Loreal Lineur Intense black eyeliner top - Shiseido mascara base and Zoomlash - Sable Trinidad lower liner - Rose D'or cheeks w/ Ice IPP on top - Pink Clash l/g
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    Finally my CSqueeze FOTD!!!

    - Bare Canvas Base paint - Vanilla highlite - Orange Tangent inner corners - Sunsplosion crease and lid - Embark outer crease and lid - Shade top liner and bottom rim - Shiseido mascara base and Zoomlash - Shimmermoss lower liner - Aromaleigh Epitome blush - HOdgepodge lightly l/l, Sunnyboy l/g
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    Natural Looking EOTD

    - Beigeing shadestick - Elite crease - Sketch outer crease - Cedarose shadestick on lid - Loreal Lineur Intense eyeliner in dark brown - Shiseido mascara base and Zoomlash
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    EOTD....Provence, tan, and others

    - Stillife paint base - Provence highlite - Lancome Serenity colour dose on lid and blended up to crease - Aromaleigh marigold inner lid and crease - Arom. chloe mid lid and crease - Tan pigment lid and crease - Loreal lineur intense in dark brown upper liner - Shisheido mascara base and...
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    My pinky look today!

    - Beige-ing Shadestick base - Vapour highlite - Gracious Me on lid and blended up to crease - Aromaleigh Snapdragon crease - Pink Vivid on lid - Rich Purple outer crease - Usual black eyeliner and mascara
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    EOTD... Starviolet, Parisienne, Phloof

    - Bare Canvase paint base - Phloof highlite - Blueboy inner lid&crease w/ Loreal Luminous in Sky - Muavism mid lid&crease w/ Parisienne - Star Violet outer corners with a bit of Beauty marked - Waveline upper liner, Prussian lower rim, Mascara As always comments and thoughts are welcomed! =)